Rental conditions

Car reservation and payment
Minimum duration of the car rental – 1 day (24 hours)
Car rental service is offered in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
We recommend to make a reservation in advance. It is important to wait for confirmation of the reservation, that will be sent by email or you will be informed by phone. Contact us for reservation:

If you make a reserve, we will ask for an advance payment of 50 € which is deducted from the full rental amount. The payment may be done in cash or by a bank transfer. If you refuse the car, the advance payment is not returned.
Reservation of the second driver is FOR FREE.
Car rental money must be paid to the Lessor not later than on the delivery and acceptance day. If the Lessee does not do any damage to the car and its items or any other expenses, the deposit is returned on the expired day of the Agreement.

Car – 100 – 300 € (depends on the car class).
Vans - 300 €
The Lessee, who starts using the rental car at night, has to pay the extra fee of 15 € (one time). The night time is from 11:00 p.m. till 07:00 a.m.

Required documents
If the Lessee is a Natural person, he/she must have:

  • Valid passport or ID;
  • Valid B category driver license;
  • 22 years - a compulsory age of the driver, not less than 2 years of driving experience. 25 years - a compulsory age of the van driver and not less than 3 years of driving experience.

If the Lessee is a Legal person, he/she must have:

  • Company registration certificate;
  • Valid passport or ID;
  • Power of attorney, confirming the possession right to represent the company and behalf of the company to rent a car;
  • Valid B category driver license.

The Lessee‘s rights and obligations
The Lessee shall keep the car in good condition (apart from normal wear), clean and use according to the purpose.
The Lessee undertakes not to sublet and not to transfer the car to the third Parties.
The Lessor transfers the car that is clean, in good technical condition and with a full tank of fuel. The Lessee shall return the car with a full tank of fuel and in good technical condition. If the Lessee does not return with the full tank of fuel, he/she must pay 1.50 € per every missed liter for the fuel, counting according to the fuel tank of the car. When the tyre of the car is damaged the Lessee must compensate the value of 2 tyres, calculated according to the average tyre price on the market, assessing wear, and if the value of the tyres is not covered by insurance.
The Lessee is responsible for any car damage and the loss of any equipment that is inside, if the insurance does not cover the expenses. In that case, the price of the loss or damage of the car or its equipment is calculated according to the prices on the market.

All rented cars are covered by compulsory civil liability and KASKO insurance. Driver and  passengers are additionally insured from the accidents.
If there is a risk to lose or damage the car, if the documents, car keys, number plate are lost, the Lessee must take all possible measures to save the property and immediately report the Lessor and the police. The Lessee must give the car registration documents and keys, the relevant documents that are important to determine the event causes, circumstances and the amount of expenses.

Additional equipment
Child seat for the car – 5 € (single fee for rental period).
GPS Navigation system – 5 € (single fee for rental period).

Roadside assistance and replacement of the car
Rental cars are given a technical assistance on the road 24/7 only in Lithuania. In case of failure or car accident, an alternative car is given in territory of Lithuania if the Lessee is not at fault. We have the right to cancel the reservation of the car (due to a breakdown or accident) if the event happened for the Lessee‘s fault.

Car rental restrictions

  • It is forbidden to leave the territory of the Republic of Lithuania by the rental car. The Lessee can leave the country only with the Lessor‘s written permission. For arbitrary departure from the territory of the Republic of Lithuania without the permission of the Lessor, 1,000 € fine is subjected.
  • The maximum one-day mileage – 400 km for cars and 500 km for vans. For every additional kilometre 0.06 € (by car) and 0.09 € (by van) must be paid.
  • It is prohibited to use an unauthorized fuel source of unclean origin. A fine of 500 € is imposed upon violation of this requirement.
  • It is forbidden to use alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances, to smoke, transport the animals, to pull other vehicles, to participate in sport competitions.